Strategic Management & Balanced Scorecard

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This course is advanced strategic management course covering Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and Strategic Execution including using Balanced Score Card approach to formulate and execute the strategy.

Program Objectives:

  • Impart an understanding of advanced Strategic Management system.
  • Equip with skills to identify and develop Strategy for your organization.
  • Implement winning strategy to your organization through Balanced Scorecard approach.
  • Deliver great results through strategy development and execution.

Participant Profile:

  • Candidates who want to understand Strategic Management and Balanced Scorecard approach.
  • Senior Management, Leaders who responsible for strategy.
  • Management Consultant, Strategist, Junior Staff who work to develop and execute strategy.
  • Graduate/Diploma qualified.


  • Strategic Management and Balanced Scored Course Completion Certificate after completion of training.
  • Strategic Management and Balanced Scorecard Professional certificate after completion of written test (Multiple choice objective type- 2 hours) or proving that the participant worked on the strategic engagement project and implemented strategy effectively.

Duration : 2 Days (Intensive course) or 3 days
Batch Size : 25 Participants
Locations : Chennai, India

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