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About Kalam Innovation Hub

Kalam Innovation Hub (KIH) believes that every business can be successful if the right dynamics & information can be sought out and the businesses keep pivoting until they find a sustainable, scalable and growth driven business.

About Kalam Innovation Hub - Training

KIH is very different from your regular training provider that focussess on soft skills and standard certification based training programs. KIH stands out by playing in a very niche market and focused on delivering world class specialized courses in the Indian Sub continent region.

About Kalam Innovation Hub - Consulting

KIH is a boutique strategy and innovation consulting and training firm. It looks at imparting the best in class tool, technics and methodologies through its consultant and by partnering with renowned players. KIH focuses primarily on the Indian Market due to the abundant knowledge pool and the potential to innovate even further.

KIH has customized its consulting engagement into a process that involves around 4 key elements. KIH’s framework helps client understand where exactly the client’s pain areas are and equip the client with the right solution to tackle the problem.

KIH Framework

About Frame-work


KIH works with existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to help explore potential opportunities that exist. KIH helps guide the business owners to come up with a business model that can be used as an executable document to kick-start their ventures either new or in new geographies.


KIH helps put the business on the map as a competent force by providing the market acumen required to set up a business, the required market information to tailor make the offerings that will have a snowball effect and bring in the right customer thereby acheiving the desired financial goals in terms of user acquisition, market presence and sales targets.


KIH makes an underperforming business profitable and positions it back into the market with a positive sentiment. KIH helps structure the operations of the companies in such a way that every process has an assigned that are responsible and accountable. KIH educates the business to focus on executable strategies that help the day-to-day performance of the company.


KIH provides the much need expansion and diversification of the business with its growth strategy consultation. The business that is looking to expand in different geographies, increase revenue streams or thinking of diversification that would result in franchising, spin-offs, The creation of new divisions or merger and acquisitions, KIH provides the much needed know-hows to support and guide the business in the desired directions to achieve the goals.

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